SIDE Hotel, Hamburg

The Side-Hotel is Hamburg’s new top address and the new flagship of the Seaside group.
On the outside the presentation of the new building itself is rather inconspicuous. Portuguese natural stone „Verde Musco“ makes the façade shimmer green-grey. There are four levels that go below ground and twelve are above ground. In between you find everything that a guest would expect from a five star hotel, plus a little more as is the company philosophy of seaside hotels. Above-average furnishings and spaciousness is a matter of course.

Only the best of the trade were involved in the implementation of the five-star hotel. Jan Störmer, who was the winner of the architecture competition in 1997 plays with colours and forms. Particularly impressive is the funnel-like entrance hall whose architecture has something of a cathedral about it. Frosted windowpanes attract the gaze upwards, where they lose themselves at a height of 28 metres. The New York lighting choreographer Robert Wilson brought the glass front to life. Computerised lighting impulses constantly change the atmosphere. In doing so the light installation accommodates both the time of day and the season.

Light is an important element of the concept. Sometimes it guides the guest and offers orientation, sometimes it creates comfortable areas to retire to. The implemented decorative lighting in rooms and suites, in bathrooms, lifts and other public areas, were all delivered by Baulmann. For the managing shareholder the decision for his products is also a confirmation of his brand policy. Johannes Baulmann: „Where design and architecture play a significant role, the decision if often made in our favour for our products. This coincides with our concept of combining functionality with clear shapes. “

(further information in Candela 2 pages 7-11)

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